Seeking  biology-based  solutions  to  food,  health  and  environmental constraints  in  a 
Mediterranean  context  from  landscape  to table

MeditBio is a research centre of the University of Algarve, created in 2014. The mission of MeditBio is to develop research focused in the Mediterranean Diet in its broadest sense, covering from aspects of landscape and biodiversity management, to food production, consummation of healthy foods, plant biotechnology and gourmet gastronomy. The research performed is framed by the H2020 societal challenges: health and wellbeing, food security and sustainable agriculture. The research promoted focuses on the entire Agro-Food chain, combining in balanced way basic and applied sciences, from the cell and microorganisms to the landscape, for the knowledge and promotion of effective solutions aiming at the conservation of natural resources and the production and food quality. MeditBio contributes to the development of the regional and national economy through the incorporation of knowledge-based value in the regional plant-based resources.
MeditBio is committed to postgraduate training, innovation, technology transfer, internationalization and the diffusion of knowledge. To meet these challenges, the centre is organized into three Research Groups that are interconnected in several thematic lines: Agriculture and forestry, Food studies and Plant bio-resources. These research groups develop their activities through nine thematic lines that address the regional territory, the agriculture and forestry constraints in a Mediterranean context, the incorporation of value pharmaceutical, or industrial or agronomic value, in plant resources and the incorporation of value in Mediterranean foods. These thematic lines are transversal to the organization in research groups and promote an integrated research in the frame of the general objectives of the Centre.