Food Studies

Activities pursued

This group is engaged in three thematic lines:
TL1. Postharvest of Mediterranean Horticultural Commodities, POSTHARVEST_Medit
TL2.  Food Preservation Emerging Technologies, EMERTEC_Medit;
TL3. Innovation in Food Products of Mediterranean Origin, INNOV_Medit.

For the three Thematic Lines composing the Research Group Food Studies, the work developed is proceeding at a relatively normal pace considering the late funding by FCT.

A more detailed description of each TL follows.
TL1 Work on the use of edible coatings enriched on essential oils application on fresh and fresh –cut produce, has been done for small fruit and fresh-cut apple and resulted in a PhD thesis. Still in progress for other fruits.
Work on the use of Arbutus unedo fresh fruit and Opuntia ficus-indica has been done and still in progress.
TL2 So far a biodegradable lupine isolate protein-based (Lupinus angustifolius) film was developed as well as a carbohydrate (chitosan) film with incorporation of microcapsules of chitosan with active compounds.
Studies on extraction of active compounds from olive leaves and pomace using combined emergent technologies were carried out.
Experiments with chitosan films with nanocapsules will be carried out next year. Development of a formulation with microencapsulated dried Opuntia ficus-indica pulp for a fruit juice was carried out.
TL3 The effect of partial replacement of NaCl by KCl on the physicochemical, microbiological and sensorial profiles of Cobrançosa Table olives will be studied. Additionally, the characterization of the production processes of Maçanillha, Galega and Cobrançosa will be finished.